Nigel Farage should get a knighthood for his influence on British politics

Farage should be awarded a knighthood, say voters in a Express poll, with some saying he would be the most deserving of the honour since Winston Churchill.

69 percent of respondents said the Brexit Party leader absolutely deserved a knighthood for his role in the EU referendum and Brexit, amounting to 21,883 of the vote in the Express poll. A total of 31 percent disagreed and said he did not deserve the honour. which was 9,634 of the vote. A further 306 participants clicked the ‘don’t know’ option.

Data was collected today on Monday December 23, with up to 31,823 taking part from 10.30am to 5pm.

One said: “Nigel Farage is the most worthy candidate for a knighthood in years. Without his relentless pressure the establishment would never have allowed us to escape the EU superstate.”

Another said: “I don’t agree with them but if they are going to continue with this outdated medieval system I cannot see anyone more deserving for championing for the people of this country to have their say, he’s had more influence on British politics than anyone else in our recent history and finally we might see some changes at last that have been long overdue.”

A third added: “Nigel deserves a place in Cabinet more than he does a knighthood. The man, single handedly, has taken us out of the EU.

“The man deserves far far more than a mere knighthood.”

Another said: “The people of this country won’t forget Nigel.”

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