Man chains wheelie bin to road to stop people parking outside his house

Drivers are furious after a resident chained a wheelie bin to the road to stop people parking outside his house.

Drivers have slammed the resident’s “selfish” obstruction to save the spot, but other locals have branded the petty bin placement “genius”.

A Motorist said: ”That road is really bad for parking, you can’t even drive down it, it’s a nightmare.

The Wheelie bin had been secured by a padlock and was confined by a metal chain that had been drilled into the ground.

The resident said he was tied of people parking outside his house so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

A spokeswoman from Birmingham City Council said: “We would ask people to park considerately and respect all road users, and using a wheelie bin to reserve a space on the highway could be deemed an obstruction of the highway.”

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