Man filmed using Wheelie Bin to steal fuel from petrol station

A Man has been filmed using a wheelie bin to steal fuel from a petrol station.

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The tracksuit wearing man stole £143 worth of unleaded fuel with a green wheelie bin — which had the number ten on it.

The thief was so chuffed that his plan worked, he returned later that evening and did it again.

In the footage two shocked onlookers walk by as the thief drags away the wheelie bin full of fuel.

A witness said: “I couldn’t believe it. Who uses a wheelie bin to steal petrol?

“It’s absolute madness. I live opposite and I know there’s been shoplifting incidents from that branch but nothing like this.’’

“He must be a local lad as he’s clearly just dragged the bin from his house.’’

“He must be pretty thick to not even take his house number off the bin. I assume with the prices shooting up it’s only going to get worse.”

A Northumbria Police spokesman said: “On February 11, we were made aware of two alleged thefts from a petrol station in the Parsons Road area.’’

“An investigation has been launched into both incidents.”

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