Man jailed for lacing baby food with shards of metal on Tesco shelves

A sheep farmer has been jailed for 14 years for lacing three jars of baby food with shards of metal and placing them on Tesco shelves. Nigel Wright, 45, from Lincolnshire was sentenced at the Old Bailey for blackmail after he plotted to extort £1.4 million from the supermarket giant.

During his trial last month, the court heard how Wright had demanded that Tesco pay him in cryptocurrency in exchange for revealing where the jars were placed. He was captured on CCTV leaving one of his contaminated jars on the shelf of a supermarket in Lockerbie, Scotland.

A mother told how she was moments away from feeding the product to her child when she spotted the shards contained in the food.

Another mother came forward in Rochdale, Greater Manchester to say that she too had found shards of metal while feeding her nine-month-old daughter. The incidents led to 42,000 jars of Heinz baby food having to be recalled.

In a letter sent to Tesco and read out in court, Wright wrote : ‘Imagine a baby’s mouth cut open and blood pouring out, or the inside of their bellies cut and bleeding. You pay, you save them.’