Man left with burns on backside after using toilet wipes as loo roll

Tesco has been called upon to change the packaging of their toilet wipes after a man accidentally mistook them for regular toilet paper wipes.

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Leon Gleed mistakenly used the anti-bacterial wipes in his bathroom for days and soon developed a rash on his bum that he describes as a “burning pain”.

The 29-year-old lorry driver says his girlfriend Sadie Williams purchased Tesco’s Active Flushable Toilet Wipes from a store in south Wales last month.

She then placed them near the toilet so they were in a handy location to clean the loo, which is where Leon made the error.

A few days later after multiple trips to the toilet, he had developed a nasty rash.

After checking the packet and realising his mistake, he confessed all to Sadie who burst out laughing.

Leon says although it was a silly mistake to make, he believes cleaning products should be labelled more clearly to avoid any risk of confusion.

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