Man throws Just Stop Oil protester to the floor and smashes phone

A man has pushed a Just Stop Oil protester to the ground and thrown another protesters phone into the air during a slow-walk protest on a road in London.

A video clip shows the man walking up behind the group in the middle of Mansell Street and grabbing banners from them

Later he is spotted smacking a phone out of a protesters hand and shoves several other activists.

Just Stop Oil also held another traffic-blocking protest nearby, from Queen Victoria Street to Fleet Street, in central London.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Police have urged the public not to intervene when protesters are blocking the road.

A spokesperson said: “The Met and City of London Police are aware of an incident in which a member of the public appears to have remonstrated with Just Stop Oil protesters this morning, 19 May, in the City of London, before the arrival of police.

“At this stage, we are not aware that any allegations have been made in regard to this matter.

“We completely understand the frustration and anger of London’s communities when protesters walk slowly in the roads.

“We urge people not to intervene and to wait for the arrival of police, who will attend the scene promptly.”

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