Man wakes up to find burglar in his bedroom sucking on his toes

A man from Florida in America has been left terrified after waking up to find a burglar sucking on his toes in the middle of the night. 

The incident occurred on Christmas Eve at a residence in Bradenton, with the startled victim, 20, telling the intruder that he didn’t have any money. 

According to a police report, the suspect replied that he was not interested in obtaining cash, and broke into the home in order ‘to suck toes’. 

A fight between the pair ensued, with the the suspect grabbing his genitals and threatening to pull a gun out of his pants. 

No gun materialized, and the victim was able to push the perpetrator out of the home.

The burglar then smashed the windshield of the victim’s car before fleeing the scene, Brandenton Herald reported. 

K9 crews later descended on the scene in the hopes of sniffing out the suspect – however, the foot sucking burglar remains at large. 

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