‘Many families will lose loved ones before their time’ due to Coronavirus, says PM

Boris Johnson has warned that many more British families ‘are going to lose loved ones before their time’ due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Prime Minister described the virus as the ‘worst public health crisis for a generation’, adding that it could not be compared to ‘seasonal flu’.

‘It’s going to spread further, and I must level with you, the British public. More families, many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time.’

There are 590 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK but health minister Sir Patrick said there could be as many as 5,000-10,000 people infected with the virus but don’t know the have it.

Boris Johnson said the UK has now officially moved from the ‘containment’ phase of dealing with the pandemic, to the ‘delay’ phase, which aims to hold-up the spread of the virus and ‘thereby minimise the suffering’.

He also said that delaying the peak of the pandemic ‘even by a few weeks’ would mean the NHS is in a ‘stronger state’ to deal with coronavirus cases, with less people suffering from ‘normal respiratory diseases’ and more time to do ‘medical research’.