Martin Lewis Urges People Who Don’t Own A Home To Put £1 In An ISA Now

In the Money Saving Expert weekly newsletter, Lewis warned that the deadline is looming for the Help to Buy ISA scheme, which has been set up to help first-time buyers save up for a deposit and mortgage for a home. 

Encouraging people to open the ISA, whether or not they definitely need one just yet, Lewis said all it takes is as little as £1 ($1.20).

He said: “If you think you’ll need these [the Government top-up] but aren’t sure, just open them. You need £1 in a Help To Buy Isa by November 30 or you lose the opportunity.”

Set up in 2015, the scheme sees the government match any contributions you make towards the H2B ISA by 25 percent, up to the limit of £12,000 ($14,800).

It’s available to people over the age of 16, but you can only apply for it if you’ve not owned or part-owned a home before – and that includes property anywhere in the world. 

While you can start the ISA with an initial minimum deposit of up to £1,200 ($1,400), if you don’t have that much to hand right now you can put in £1 to get started, in turn securing yourself an ISA before the deadline of 30 November.

The maximum contribution from the government you can get is £3,000 ($3,600) on savings of £12,000, bringing your total up to a massive £15,000 ($18,000).

The ISAs are per person and not per household, so if you’re looking to buy your first home with your partner and both of you have the ISA, you can receive a £6,000 ($7,400) contribution from the government.

Though you can’t open a new ISA after 30 November, you can continue putting savings into your account until 30 November 2029 and still claim your bonus from the government.

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