Massive Meteor shower to fill the sky with hundreds of shooting stars Tonight!

One of the ‘best meteor showers of the year’ will peak this evening, with up to 50 shooting stars per hour streaking across the sky.

This is the first meteor shower of 2022, and will peak on January 3 at about 20:40PM in the UK.

The Quadrantids is known for their bright ‘fireball’ meteors that leave large explosions of light and colour that persist longer than average meteor streaks.

Up to 200 shooting stars can be seen per hour, but that relies on perfect conditions in the ideal spot. But in the UK we’ll see about 50 per hour. 

Meteor showers are best viewed during the night and predawn hours in the Northern Hemisphere. You’ll need to find a dark sky, away from street lights and look towards the horizon.

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