Massive Saharan Dust Cloud heading towards America!

A massive cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert is expected to hit the U.S. Gulf Coast this weekend after traveling across the Atlantic Ocean.

The phenomenon happens every year but the 2020 version is especially large.

That attention has included some experts who are calling it the Godzilla dust cloud due to its unusual size.

As of Thursday morning, the cloud was stretching from the western Caribbean, over Belize and the Yucat√°n Peninsula, and through most of the central and western Gulf of Mexico, blanketing a huge area with its haze.

After reaching the U.S. shore in Texas and other states on the Gulf of Mexico, the dust cloud is expected to shift toward the northeast, moving across the Southeastern U.S.

Typically, you lose the blue sky for more hazy sky and you tend to see more vivid sunsets and sunrises because of the scattering properties of the dust interacting with the sunlight.

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