Matt Hancock has lost his new job at the United Nations just days after getting it!

Matt Hancock has had his new job offer at the United Nations withdraw just days after getting it.

Hancock was set to be appointed as the “UN special representative for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa”.

However, a UN spokesman has said “that his appointment has not been “taken forward”.

A statement from the United Nations read: “Hancock’s appointment by the UN Economic Commission for Africa is not being taken forward. ECA has advised him of the matter.”

Twitter users have been quick to react to the news that Mr Hancock has lost his role at the United Nations.

One person wrote: “He Should never have been offered it in the first place.

Dan Wootton wrote “The United Nations has brutally dumped Matt Hancock. A bit like the way he brutally dumped his loyal wife. Life comes at you fast.”

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