McDonald’s Customer outraged as daughter almost eats ‘chicken foot’ inside nugget

A Mum has slammed McDonald’s after finding a “chicken foot” inside a nugget that her 6-year-old daughter nearly ate.

Laura-Jane Popsey, 27, went for a quick dinner at McDonald’s in Redhill, Surrey with her daughter Lily last month.

But was shocked when the broke open the nugget with what she claims was a chicken foot inside.

“The food was hot so I was breaking the nuggets up for her – and I saw it,” Laura, who lives in Bletchingley, Surrey, told The Sun.

“I was so grossed out by it all. Disgusted. My daughter was traumatised. I was horrified.”

As soon as she was home she rang McDonald’s but was told that she needed to go back to the branch where she bought the Happy Meal from.

Laura-Jane lived a 25 minute drive from the branch so was unable to return for a few more days but when she did a McDonald’s staff member offered her free food to help resolve her complaint.

She added: “Normally I’m not a fan of McDonald’s but we needed something quickly.

“I’m a vegetarian – but it has put me right off eating there again.

“Lily could’ve chocked on it – it’s very dangerous.”

“It was tough, it didn’t look like a vein. It looked like a chicken foot.”

McDonald’s said that it has apologised to the customer and asked for the item to conduct further investigations but Laura had already thrown it away.

The spokesperson said they believed the item to be a blood vessel, which naturally occurs in chicken breast.

McDonald’s says that its nuggets contain 100 per cent chicken breast meat.

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