McDonald’s is giving NHS workers 20% off food for the rest of the year to say thank you

Whilst probably not being the healthiest choice for our NHS workers the convenient nature of Mcdonalds around shift work will see many take up the fantastic gesture which will save NHS workers a little bit of money and goes a small way of saying thank you for the work they have done during the pandemic.

The NHS Discount Offers scheme says NHS staff will get the discount when ordering online.

To get the money off, you will need to order through the McDonald’s app.

To do this, you must sign up to the McDonald’s app with your NHS email address and wait approx 48 hours for the offer to appear in the deals section of the app.

Eligible workers can use the deal when required.

But there is one string attached – you can only use the deal once a week, as it refreshes every Monday.

David Bater, marketing executive at NHS Discount Offers said: “This is a great start to the New Year for NHS staff who work in difficult and testing conditions all year round. Staff members take advantage of this money saving offer from Mcdonalds as you can make significant savings.

“Its a really kind gesture from this well known UK brand and its great news they’ve extended the offer until the end of 2022”

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