McDonald’s is introducing potato waffles to menu for the first time

McDonald’s is bringing potato waffles onto its menu for the first time ever as the fast-food giant announced some major changes.

While Maccies has always been known for providing fries with pretty much everything (try dipping them in a McFlurry, seriously) its now offering potatoes in the deliciously waffle-y form God intended they be eaten in.

For just £1.39 you can buy yourself a trio of little potato waffles to munch on by themselves, or you can go and pick them up with other things as part of the breakfast menu.

The little potato waffles are just one of several new foods making their way onto the Maccies menu when the major changes kick in next Wednesday (19 October).

Joining potato waffles on the menu at McDonald’s are the BBQ Bacon stack, which got chopped seemingly for good last year but is back by popular demand, and the McCrispy Burger.

The McCrispy is going to be the first permanent chicken burger added to the McDonald’s menu in 15 years, so fans of that won’t have to worry about it being here for a good time, not a long time.

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