Met Office issues ‘danger to life’ Weather Warning

Forecasters predict 90mph winds, downpours and snow on high ground – which will cause transport disruption and dangerous seas.

In a warning which can be read in full here:

The Met Offfice have warned people of the very real dangers from firstly Storm Dudley and then on Friday Storm Eunice.

In a Met Office daily forecast video, meteorologist Alex Deakin has warned people in the affected areas to brace for “heavy rain and ever-strengthening winds”.

“It’s going to be a windy day throughout with those winds continuing to pick up through the afternoon and the evening,” he said.

Blizzard conditions

“There will be some snow on the hills across Scotland, but it’s the rain and more particularly the wind we’re concerned about in this storm system on Wednesday.

“It’s likely to cause transport disruption and dangerous conditions by the sea.”

Storm Dudley is expected to bring gusts of up to 80-90mph on exposed coasts and hills of Scotland, with 60-70mph possible further inland.

Meanwhile, Storm Eunice is predicted to bring heavy rain and possible snowfalls on high ground from the Midlands northwards.

Where snow does fall, the high winds are likely to create blizzard conditions, the Met Office has said.

Motorists have been urged to drive carefully, while electricity supply firms have issued warnings following the widespread outages in northern England and Scotland which followed storms earlier this year.

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