Migrant who crossed Channel says he would rather die than be sent to Rwanda

A migrant who crossed the English Channel illegally to Britain says he would rather die than be sent to Rwanda. 

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He said: I have grave fears about being sent to Rwanda as part of the Uk’s new asylum policy, largely down to its reputation for human rights.

Speaking through an interpreter from a detention centre in West Sussex, the man, said: ‘I will kill myself before I get deported — if the UK cannot uphold human rights, who will?’

He described how he fled his war-torn Sudan six years ago, spending two years in detention in Libya before heading up to Calais, where he waited for seven months before crossing the Channel to the UK two weeks ago.

He said: ‘I was trying to get here for six years to rebuild my life.

‘Upon receiving the news from the Home Office, once I realised I was being moved to Rwanda, I wrote down my will and asked my solicitor to send my goodbye letter and my will to my mother and my wife.

‘I will kill himself before I go to Rwanda. ‘I am speechless, I can’t think how I feel. For which crime am I being sent to Rwanda?

‘I am traumatised, I don’t know how to express my feelings.’

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