Mildest New Years Eve on record expected as temperatures rise to 16c!

The UK could see the mildest New Year’s Eve on record as the mercury looks set to rise above the record of 14.8c set back in 2011.

The Met Office has said there is a “good chance” of this New Year’s Eve being the mildest ever. Meteorologist Rachel Ayers said: “In the south of the UK the weather should be dry, So people should be able to enjoy dry weather with some bright spells around.

“For New Year’s Day, another band of rain is pushing in from the west so the further East you are the drier your day will be with some bright spells.”

On New Year’s Eve, the UK will likely see early rain across central, eastern and southern England which will clear eastwards to leave a brighter and drier day.

Temperatures are expected to be “exceptionally mild”, reaching highs of 14-15C (57-59F) and a possible high of 16C (61F). However, cloud and outbreaks of rain will linger for much if not all of the day in Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England.

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