Model disgusted by Iceland delivery driver’s creepy text after he dropped off shopping

Angelica Harte answered the door to her flat in her pyjamas and said she barely even spoken to the worker when he brought her £60 monthly shop from the supermarket to the door.

But the mum claims that two hours later he sent her a text message asking whether she’d like to meet him in the local park the next day, adding: “I’m not working so anytime that suits you.”

Horrified Angelica says women should be able to take deliveries without fearing they will be hit on by staff.

The 44-year-old said: “I was in my pyjamas with no make-up on, but even like that I still got that type of attention from a man who was prepared to lose his job over asking me out.

“I was scared that not only did he have my phone number but he had my address also and could appear at any time.

“I was really distraught over it. I didn’t see the funny side of it at all.”

Angelica lives alone with her puppy Hugo in a flat in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, and had been getting Iceland deliveries for around a year without any prior problems.

“Within a week I think I complained to Iceland.”

“I thought home deliveries would be easier but I didn’t expect to get harassed.”

“Now my friend takes me food shopping which isn’t ideal as I’m in the vulnerable group so I’d rather stay away from people to avoid catching Covid.”

Angelica then saw that she may be able to take legal action due to the breach in her private data and employed a solicitor.

The incident took place on February 10 last year and Angelica says she now wants to make it public because legal routes have drawn a blank.

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