Mother of sick child who ‘waited hours for a bed in A&E’ is a Labour Supporter

A mum who took a photo of her baby sleeping on a chair while waiting for an A&E bed has revealed she is a Labour supporter.

Louise Webb, 23, from Cheshire, was forced to wait five hours overnight with daughter Lily to be seen at the Countess of Chester Hospital last Wednesday.

Lily, who has been unwell for weeks, was badly dehydrated, suffering from an ear infection, vomiting and diarrhoea, her mum said.

Her story was featured on the front page of the Daily Mirror today.

On the BBC this morning she insisted it was not a set-up but added: “Obviously, I’m a Labour supporter.”

She was accused of politicising her child just days before the election.

But Ms Webb hit back, arguing: “When I actually sent the email yesterday, I read the article of the little boy on the floor. I had a similar experience, nothing to the extent of that.

“I wouldn’t expect it to be on the news in the morning. There is obviously a problem with the funding to the Government.

“But this isn’t a political side to me – this is more of an anger and an upset as a parent that this a service that is meant to provide.

“Also for our children, the ones that can’t speak, we have to defend them and look after them. I don’t see it as a political view. I’ve had many questions – is it political?

“It’s very close to the election and I understand how people are like, this is all faked and staged, but no. I’m obviously a Labour supporter, but no.”

She added: “I don’t know if it’s the lack of funding, but obviously something needs to change.”

Louise denied she staged the photos to make a political point.

What do you think ? Would you take pictures of your sick child and put them on social media for the world to see ? Do you think Louise being a Labour voter had anything to do with her taking the photos ?

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