Motorist brands petrol pumps ‘sexist’ because they won’t fit in her small hands

A mother is accusing petrol stations of sexism because their huge ‘male-designed’ pump handles won’t fit in her hands’.

The 31-year-old from London accused garages of ‘everyday sexism’ on social media when sharing the struggle she experiences when filling up her van as she believes they’re designed specifically for men.

It has become such an issue for mother-of-two Melanie, that she’s planning to buy an electric car in the near future to avoid filling up at the pump again.

Melanie said: ‘I have fairly small hands. I’m short, I’m 5ft 3, so I’m fairly small generally but I imagine there aren’t many men who have the same size hands as me.

”I find filling up the car painful as the huge pump won’t fit in my small hands.’

Melanie said she’s unsure whether discomfort while filling up petrol tanks is a widespread issue, but claims she’s looking to buy an electric vehicle to avoid the problem in the future.

‘In the next five/ten years I’m considering getting an electric car – once I get one it won’t be a problem at all.

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