Mr and Mrs Potato Head go gender neutral!

Mr and Mrs Potato Head have gone gender neutral as toy maker Hasbro announced it is changing the names of the 70-year-old toys because it needs to break free from gender norms.

Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, revealed in a presentation to investors Thursday that it is giving the iconic spuds the gender-neutral new name of Potato Head.  

Instead, the new Potato Family Pack ‘Create Your Potato Head Family’ kits will include two non-gendered adult potatoes, one baby potato and 42 accessories. 

Children will then be able to make gendered or non-gendered characters, and same-sex or single-parent potato families in line with changing societal roles. 

The rebranded toy will hit shelves in the autumn.

‘Hasbro is making sure all feel welcome in the Potato Head world by officially dropping the Mr. from the Mr. Potato Head brand name and logo to promote gender equality and inclusion.