Mum charges £13 an hour to decorate Christmas trees for people ‘who can’t be bothered’

A Mum and her sister are funding their festivities this December by decorating other people’s Christmas trees.

Veronika Gentile, 30, and her sister Giovanna Avati, 40, charge £13 an hour to decorate the trees of families who are “too busy” to do it themselves.

And what started out as a hobby has now become a lucrative side-hustle for the Melbourne-based siblings have already earned £216 after decorating eight trees before December even began.

The women, who say they were inspired by their mum’s extravagant colour-coordinated trees, say that the business started when friends started admiring their own trees.

Veronika explained: “I started getting a lot of attention from friends, they loved my ornaments, and one of them even asked if I would set up their tree for them.”

Stay-at-home mum Veronika, who mainly relies on the clients’ own decorations rather than outsourcing, says that she uses the same approach to decorating customers’ trees as her own – but is keen to avoid tinsel.

“It’s all about positioning” she said “For my own tree I place my ornament, stand back and figure out if it works in that space. I do the same thing for other people.”

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