Mum faceplants during sports day race and moons entire crowd

A mum was left “humiliated” after she faceplanted the ground after taking part in a parents run at her daughter’s sports day and flashed her bum at the crowd.

Click Here to Watch the Video: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/real-life/mortified-mum-moons-entire-crowd-27291713

Katie Hannaford was left red-faced after her eight-year-old convinced her to run in the event. Hilarious footage shows the mum, from Essex, lining up in the third lane from the left, wearing a blue dress as the race starts.

As the other mums begin to overtake her, she falls to the floor. But if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, her skirt then comes over her head revealing her bum and black thong for all of the other parents to see.

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