Mum gobsmacked to see shoppers at Asda in pyjamas and dressing gown at 5pm

A mum was “mortified” on behalf of two women seen shopping in Asda at 5pm in the afternoon – as they were in pyjamas and dressing gown.

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There have always been mixed opinions on what is suitable attire to wear to the supermarket, and individual shops have their own rules regarding how revealing clothing should be.

But there is nothing which prohibits visiting the shops in ultra-casual clothing.

The mum arrived to Asda just after 5pm, coming straight from work, and saw two women enter the store, wrapped up in their dressing gowns, reports Hull Live.

She called it a “bizarre” choice of attire for a food shop, and said she would be “mortified” if someone saw her dressed the same.

“I just popped into the little Asda on Beverley Road after work, it was just before 5pm and two women were walking towards the store in their pyjamas and dressing gowns. I couldn’t believe it.

“If you are still in your pyjamas at that time of day that’s your business but to go to the shops like that is just bizarre. I would be mortified if someone saw me out and about in my pyjamas. They didn’t even look embarrassed or anything.”

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