Mum left with Asda logo printed on head after using plastic bag to dye hair

A mortified mum accidentally dyed her hair with Asda’s logo when she used one of their plastic bags in a hair dye fail.

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Nikki Mac was getting ready for a night out with her sister Lisa when she decided to touch up her roots, smearing dye through her tresses before covering it in a plastic bag while waiting for the colour to develop.

The 27-year-old waited patiently for half an hour but when she removed the covering she was shocked to see the pea-green font printed across the crown of her head.

In a hilarious clip shared on social media Nikki and Lisa cry tears of laughter as they inspect the unmistakable writing ruining her new do.

The pair then decided to head out for the night with cleaner Nikki’s hair still bright green as she admits it took ‘a good few washes’ for her tree-tinged mane to fade.

After Lisa shared the ‘cautionary tale’ on social media, the video raked in more than 5.3million views and more than 500,000 likes and comments.

Nikki, from Methil, Fife, Scotland, said: “It was terrible. This was just before a night out.

“I saw the green lettering in the mirror. It was a shock.

“I decided to dye my hair and I was meant to be platinum blonde. I was just doing my roots.

“I usually leave the hair dye on for half an hour. I’d always put a bag on my head before that.

“I took the bag off my head and I saw the Asda logo. I had green hair.

“I had green hair for ages. There was a green tinge to it when I washed it out. It was like that for a good few washes before it went back to normal.”

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