Mum quits job to teach women how to ‘spoil their Husbands and put them first’

A woman in South West England has quit her job in order to teach young women how to treat their husbands like it’s 1959.

While women have battled issues of sexism and equality to be seen as more than mothers and wives, Pettitt told the BBC that’s exactly what she was born to be.

While working made her feel ‘unsatisfied’, Pettitt now enjoys making sure her husband comes home to a cooked meal made of food she’s purchased with a ‘monthly allowance’.

The mother discovered a number of other ‘traditional’ women who enjoyed living the same lifestyle as her and has since set up a website titled The Darling Academy which encourages women to put their husbands first.

The academy also shares recipes and tips on etiquette, supporting a return to ‘traditional English manners, lifestyle and values’. Pettitt gives further advice in her two books, Ladies Like Us and English Etiquette. 

While the Traditional Wife seems like a huge step back for women, Pettitt has argued feminism is about choices.

Pettitt certainly makes a valid point, and if she’s happy staying at home, cooking, cleaning and caring for her family then she has every right to do so

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