Mum ‘threatened with social services’ because she has huge eyebrows

A woman with “Britain’s biggest eyebrows” has claimed people have threatened to call social services over her huge eyebrows.

Sammie-Jo Hailford, from Grimsby, has been painting on the massive brows for almost a year and she says she has no plans to change now.

The 27-year-old has been trolled online and laughed at in the street but she says she’s a good mum and has nothing to hide.

The full-time mum said she doesn’t agree with beauty norms and thinks people should be free to choose a look which makes them comfortable.

She said: “People have said I shouldn’t be a mum and they are going to ring social services because of my eyebrows.’’

“They can call social services because I have nothing to hide. My eyebrows don’t determine whether I’m a good mother or not.”

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