New BBC TV licence fee rules where people pay based on income ‘monstrous’

New BBC TV licence fee rules where people pay based on income ‘monstrous’

The BBC has come under fire for new proposals which could see TV licence fees based on people’s WAGES. BBC director-general Tim Davie has said he is open to a “more progressive” model as part of reforms of the BBC licence fee.

But speaking on his GB News show, the Tory MP Jacob Rees Mogg said: “While he’s right that reform is necessary implementing a so-called progressive system of the television tax is really showing how out of touch the corporation is. “We’ve moved well past the days of forcing people to pay for it compulsorily.” Me Rees Mogg went on, sniping at Mr Davie: “It’s time it feels the wrath of the free market and gets in line with other subscription and ad-based services.”

Sir Jacob added: “I think this is absolutely monstrous. It’s like saying you should pay more for a pint of milk because you’ve got an income above X. This is rank socialism of the worst kind.” Mr Davie revealed the corporation will launch its “biggest-ever consultation process” next year on the licence fee’s future. He said: “There is no doubt that the market has changed hugely since the licence fee was introduced. And I think it is right to ask fundamental questions about its longevity in a world that is now full of choice. “With that in mind, we will proactively research how to reform the licence fee post-2028 — looking at its scope, how it could be more progressive, and making sure its enforcement is fair and proportionate.”

Replying to Mr Rees Mogg’s fury, a viewer typed: “The Tories said they would scrap the licence fee, but won’t be in power when the Charter is renewed, or not in 2027, & Labour previously criticised scrapping the licence fee as a distraction that would be the end of the BBC .. Message to Labour – The BBC doesn’t have to end, but must stand on its own two feet, & become a subscription service.”

Another said: “Just like energy bills, can’t or won’t pay, that’s okay, just make those that do pay, pay a supplement so others can get it for free. Privatise it, and make it subscription based. If you choose to use it, pay for it, if you don’t want it, you don’t pay. “Time for the BBC to be dragged into the real world, SINK or SWIM, be as woke as you like, pay what you like……… Let’s see how it makes out.”

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