Nicola Sturgeon left spluttering as her trans women policy left in tatters

Nicola Sturgeon blustered and stuttered her way through a brutal grilling on trans rights last night, as pressure mounts on the First Minister over a row on women’s prisons.

Full Story: https://www.gbnews.uk/politics/nicola-sturgeon-left-spluttering-as-her-trans-women-policy-left-in-tatters-in-excruciating-grilling/433818

The SNP leader struggled to explain contradictions in her own policy on whether those who change their sex should be treated differently to those who are born as women.

The First Minister has always previously maintained that “trans women are women”, but found herself in difficulty over explaining her stance on prison sentences.

The issue has been centre of attention in Scotland following a court case involving a trans woman.

Isla Bryson was initially sent to the women’s prison at Cornton Vale after being convicted of two rapes – which were carried out when she was a man – before being moved to a men’s prison.

After Bryson’s case was raised at First Minister’s Questions, Nicola Sturgeon said the prison service carried out individual risk assessments in such cases and no “formal direction” had been given by the Scottish Government.

Sturgeon said last night she believed trans women should not automatically be allowed to stay in women’s prisons.

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