Nigel Farage says Boris Johnson is taking Britain ‘to the right place’

Nigel Farage has praised Boris Johnson for driving the country to ‘the right place’ but braced his supporters for compromises in Brexit trade talks.

Mr Farage has admitted the future trade deal will likely be a watered down from his ideal Brexit vision.

The PM told MPs there would be ‘no alignment’ post-December 2020.  

But EU leaders in Brussels have already said they will not accept a deal which does not agree to their red lines imposing standards on goods crossing the Channel.

It puts the PM on a collision course with the EU when negotiations begin in the New Year after the UK formally leaves on January 31.

Mr Farage has cautioned Boris Johnson not to rush into signing up to rotten terms.

He said: ‘For the first time, I think we’ve potentially got the upper hand in these negotiations.’

The Brexiteer dismissed the fearmongering around leaving without a trade deal, but said the chances of the UK forced into this situation were small.

Mr Farage said: ‘But if that happens, so what frankly. Business will adapt, we all adapt to changed circumstances. 

‘I would say there’s a 25 per cent chance of us leaving with no trade deal.

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