Nigel Farage says there’s no way Britain will ever rejoin the EU!

Nigel Farage today claimed that at 11pm tonight is ‘the point of no return’ for Britain’s relationship with the EU, insisting there is no way the UK will ever rejoin.

The Brexit Party leader claimed Brexit was ‘an incredible victory for ordinary people against the establishment’ as he spoke of his joy at seeing it happen.

Once we’re out, there’s no way this country will ever rejoin and I think this is the big moment in history. 

‘As for the next phase, all I can say is right now, Boris Johnson is saying all the right things and if he delivers those things, we will be truly, genuinely independent. 

‘I have to be honest, I’m feeling really optimistic.’ 

But arch Remainer and New Labour architect Lord Mandelson said the fight went on, insisting: ‘Today is not the end of Brexit. It may be the end of Nigel Farage’s ego trip. 

‘It’s only the end of the beginning on Brexit because we have huge decisions that have now got to be taken about how we’re getting to forge a relationship with the European Union, which for over half a century has given us unprecedented levels of prosperity and security. 

‘Now we’ve got to decide where we go from here.’

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