Nigel Farage slams Australian Government over Djokovic arrest

In a social media post Nigel Farage has stated his thoughts about the ongoing legal wrangling in Australia which has seen Tennis star Novak Djokovic holed up in a quarantine hotel after confusion regarding his exemption to Australia’s strict Covid rules.

In the post he states “I am in close contact with the Djokovic family and they are clear that Tennis Australia, in line with Victoria state law, allowed Novak to come to Australia as he had proof of a positive PCR test within the last 6 months.

He was then arrested, his phone and wallet taken. When the Australian Home Affairs Minister says Novak Djokovic is free to leave, she is NOT being straight.

Unless he makes an appeal, he will face an automatic 3 year visa ban — so has to stay in prison conditions until the hearing on Monday.

If they can do this to the world’s No 1 tennis player, just think what they could do to you.”

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