Nigel Farage unveils Brexit Party Contract which promises ‘Political revolution’

Nigel Farage’s contract’ commits his party to scrapping the BBC licence fee and to abolishing the House of Lords.

Mr Farage unveiled his party’s policies as he said he was targeting five million Leave voters who have been ‘betrayed by the Labour Party’ ahead of polling day on December 12.

Mr Farage stressed that he was not issuing a full manifesto because no one believed them any more – but insisted the Brexit Party’s plans covered almost every area of national life.

Its ideas include phasing out the ‘anachronistic’ licence fee, getting rid of the House of Lords, introducing a proportional representation voting system as well a sthe proposal to hold referendums when five million people sign petitions.

The party also wants to cap annual net Immigration at 50,000, slash the foreign aid budget by 50 per cent and do away with inheritance tax.  

The Brexit party is standing in more than 270 constituencies.

The Brexit Party is not producing a full manifesto – but Mr Farage set out the broad outlines of its positions on a variety of issued. 

  • Scrapping the BBC licence fee
  • Allowing citizens to call referendums if five million people agree
  • Abolishing inheritance tax
  • Investing £2.5 billion in fishing and coastal communities
  • Giving businesses zero-rate corporation tax for the first £10,000 of pre-tax profits
  • Abolishing privatisation in the NHS
  • Establishing 24-hour GP surgeries

‘We need the Brexit Party to hold Boris Johnson to his word,’ he said. 

Mr Farage said their plans could be paid for by £200billion of savings by cutting the foreign aid budget, ceasing EU payments and scrapping the HS2 high-speed rail link. 

On immigration, he said the UK was facing a ‘population crisis’ as a result of the policies which had been adopted in the 1990s. 

He said the numbers allowed to settle in the country should be capped at ‘about 50,000’ a year and he called for firm action to deter illegal immigrants trying to enter the country. 

He called for the television licence to be phased out, saying the current system of funding the BBC is an ‘anachronism’. 

He also called for VAT to be removed from family fuel bills – something that can only be done outside the EU.

‘We can use Brexit as a means to help the average family,’ he said.  

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