No Alignment and No Concessions – PM to tell Brussels

Boris Johnson will use his first speech since delivering Brexit to tell Brussels negotiators that no concessions will be made and he will accept no alignment to EU rules. 

The prime minister is due to lay out his plans on Monday for the upcoming negotiations with the European Union.

It is understood Mr Johnson will ask for a Canada-style free trade deal with Brussels – and he is expected to make clear he will accept no alignment, no jurisdiction of the European courts, and no concessions to any Brussels’ demands.

He will say he is not afraid to accept border checks.

The EU has been calling for a level-playing field to be agreed, pressing for Britain to sign-up to adhering to Brussels-set environmental and social standards, as well as rules on state subsidies, to prevent the UK undercutting the single market once the transition period ends in 2021.

“There are only two likely outcomes in negotiation – a free trade deal like Canada or a looser arrangement like Australia – and we are happy to pursue both,”

The prime minister will reveal his post-Brexit vision next week in front of an audience of national and international businesses, along with ambassadors to the UK from countries across the globe.

The EU is expected to publish its own negotiating mandate on the same day, in preparation for the start of the formal discussions in March, which will take place in both London and Brussels.

November marks the deadline for finalising a deal, with agreements on financial services and fishing due to be announced beforehand in June.

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