No White Christmas but Monster Snowstorm set to bring Blizzards 2 days later!

Christmas day will miss out on snow however the weather models are beginning to hint at the coldest spell the UK has seen in a number of years. 

A large area of high pressure is set to block off the typical Westerly pattern the UK often sees. It will build into the mid Atlantic before pushing North up towards Greenland. This combines with a portion of the Polar Vortex becoming detached from its origin around Northern Greenland pushing South East in to the North Sea.

Often these Northerly spells see snowfall relatively restricted to Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Fringes of England however this area of Low pressure is much larger and stronger, Bringing with it 60-70MPH wind gusts and a large pool of sub zero air as we move from Boxing day into Sunday. 

Snow will be widespread on Sunday (27/12) pushing South across the entire UK before we enter a week of low daytime maximums and snow showers for the following 7 days!

Amounts of snow for the period 27-29th December based on the current model outputs ‘which at this range should be taken with a pinch of salt’ would suggest, North and Western Scotland = 8-14″ away from coasts. Central belt of Scotland/ Southern Scotland, North West England & Northern Ireland = 4-8″ Whilst all other areas are at risk of anything between 2-6″ (The higher amounts for areas at altitude)


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