Northern Lights visible across UK as Solar Storm Hits Earth!

The Northern Lights will be visible tonight across the UK.

Some have suggested the aurora could be visible as far south as the English Channel due to the severity of the solar storm.

However, clear and dark skies will be needed to ensure people get a good view of the lights.

AuroraWatch UK has issued a “red alert” reading of more than 700 nanoTeslas as of 8pm BST, with anything over 200 nT deemed enough for an aurora to be considered likely.

The solar storm is not thought to pose a threat to Earth but will likely produce spectacular dancing lights in the skies of more regions than normal.

The Met Office said in a statement: “In Scotland and northern England you may be able to spot the #Aurora Borealis tonight, though there will be too much cloud for most.”

However, it added that Monday night may be the best opportunity to get a good view of the Northern lights.

“Clearer skies tomorrow night mean there will be a greater chance for some good views,” the Met Office said.

Astrophysicist Dr Brian O’Halloran from Ireland said tonight there “will be a really strong Northern lights”.

The high solar activity is believed to be down to a coronal mass ejection (CME) which happened over the weekend.

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