Northern Powergrid accidentally gives customers £2 trillion in compensation

A UK energy supplier has apologised to 74 customers after several homes were accidentally issued compensation cheques worth more than £2.3 trillion.

Gareth Hughes, from West Yorkshire, took to Social media to post an image of the £2 trillion cheque that was sent to him by Northern Powergrid on Saturday.

The picture showed that he had been written a cheque for the sum of £2,324,252,080,110.

Mr Hughes is one of 74 customers being compensated after strong winds swept across the UK in November last year – leaving homes without any power.   

He wrote: ‘Thank you for our compensation payment, Northern Powergrid, for the several days we were without power following Storm Arwen.

‘Before I bank the cheque, however, are you 100% certain you can afford this?’ 

In response to the incident, Northern Powergrid replied to the tweet: ‘Hi Gareth, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please DM us your contact details including address and postcode so we can correct this oversight. thanks, Phil.’

The supplier confirmed 74 of their customers had been given compensation cheques with an incorrect payment amount and thanked those who were ‘honest’ about the error and said the correct payment will be on its way soon.

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