Norway send worst tree possible to take pride of place in Trafalgar Square

People have took to social media to ridicule the tree sent as a gift from the people of Oslo to London.

Since 1947 Trafalgar Square has had a Norwegian Spruce unfortunately this year most have been left unimpressed with its appearance.

Here is a small selection of thoughts from Twitter:

Calum OBM@cobm123·Dec 2 Think the trolls took a few chunks out of you as you left… Not sure what we did to upset the Norwegians but they seem to have saved their best and bushiest trees for everyone else…

Kia Johnson #FBPE #peoplesvote@kia7073·13h Replying to @cobm123 Is there such thing as Xmas tree plastic surgery, if so one desperately needed.

Tracey Ball@traceyjball285·2h Replying to @cobm123 A rather sparse spruce – was it nibbled by the trolls en route?

1The YorkiBar Kid@TitaniumTester·1h Replying to @cobm123 I love our gift from #Norway It’s a lovely tree. #bahhumbug1Mark

Page@caddorn·49m Replying to @cobm123 Would be better if putting lights on the crane.