Nurse falls 70ft to her death from water park zip line

A nurse has died after plunging 70 feet through a hole in a water park’s zip line platform. 

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Yasmili Arauji, 23, had gone to Piracema Park Club in Rio Branco, Brazil on July 2 with her boyfriend and friends. 

She was seen climbing to the top of the zip line launch platform without a harness. 

Ms Arauji then disappeared through a hole in the platform and plummeted 70 feet to her death. 

Paramedics rushed her to hospital, but she died on the way.

In a statement, the water park wrote: ‘Piracema Park Club provided all support and attention to the young woman’s family and, after the accident, closed the activities of the attraction, which will only return to operation after investigation by the relevant authorities regarding the causes of the accident.’

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