‘Our democracy is at stake!’ Nigel Farage issues stark warning before next election

Nigel Farage has issued a warning that the integrity of British democracy is at stake unless the Government changes a major election rule. Speaking yesterday, Mr Farage warned that postal voting mist be scrapped before the next election.

He alleged multiple examples of blatant corruption via the postal vote system, introduced by Tony Blair in 2001. He told the Telegraph: “Blair introduces [the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act] in 2001, which begins the corruption of our voting system”. “We’ve seen events in Tower Hamlets, you’ve seen events in the West Midlands, I witnessed personally in 2019 the outrage that took place in the central ward of Peterborough. “You’ve just seen George Galloway elected, why? Because 43 percent of the turnout was the postal vote and in some of those boxes he had a hundred percent of the vote!”

Asked whether he was suggesting some of these elections “are corrupt in some way”, he pithily replied: “No. I am suggesting they are all corrupt. “Every single election that is fought in cities in this country cannot be trusted to be a totally accurate and fair result.”

The politician-turned-broadcasted said postal voting should “one hundred percent” be scrapped: “Scrap postal votes, go back to the pre-2001 system!”

Mr Farage’s call received widespread support on social media, with one backer saying they “totally agree”. “Postal fraud is virtually impossible to detect. The left use the electoral commission 2021 findings to gaslight you into believing it doesn’t exist. It does. “France banned it 50 years ago. Sweden banned it. Scrap it for all outside extenuating circumstances.”

According to the House of Common Library, since 1998 there have been nine convictions for postal vote fraud.

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