Out of control Seagull wanted by Tesco after stealing £300 worth of food

A seagull is believed to have stolen £300 worth of food from a Tesco store.

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The shoplifter known as ‘Steven the Seagull’ to locals is often spotted outside the supermarket in Paignton, Devon.

The bird was filmed waiting for the doors to open before re-emerging with a fresh packet chedars.

He then scurried off down the street before staff could catch up with him. He is known to ransack the store three times a day.

While Steven is partial to Monster Munch and Mini Cheddars, he loves nothing better than a bag of Tangy Cheese Doritos.

A Tesco worker said his visits are a ‘daily occurrence’. It happens at least once a day, often three times. He’s very fussy but Doritos are his favourite. 

‘’We have to shoo him away because we don’t want to lose the stock. We’re always keeping an eye out.’’

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