Outrage as Muslim children given pork in lunchtime ‘mix up’ at primary school

Parents are reported to be ‘outraged’ after Muslim school pupils were served banned pork instead of vegetarian sausages after a catering mix up.

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Ryders Green Primary in West Bromwich said it had demanded an explanation from its supplier over the error, which happened on Thursday last week.

Muslims are prohibited from eating pork and the mistake led to a protest outside the school in Birmingham on Friday morning.

A Muslim parent said she was refunded the cost of the meal but was left upset.

She said: “I went to pick my daughter up from school on Thursday and the teacher said she needed to speak to me.

“I was told there had been a mix-up when my daughter had ordered veggie sausage and mash. She had a look at the sausage and thought it was different to what she normally had.

“She took a bite and knew it tasted completely different to what she was used to. I queried it with the teacher who then got in touch with the catering company.

“The teacher said the catering company had confirmed all the children in the school, who had ordered veggie sausages, were given pork. We have to order online, a week before, what our children want every day.

“The whole school was affected. Whoever ordered veggie sausages were given meat. The company forwarded its details to the school, to give to the parents, for complaints and I made one.

“For my daughter to be given a product that is against our religion is absolutely disgusting. About 70 per cent of pupils are Muslim.”

The school, which is run by Sandwell Council, said it spoke to parents and carers on Thursday, alongside a number of representatives from the catering company, who reportedly answered face-to-face questions about the incident.

A spokesperson for Ryders Green said: “On Thursday, there was an incident involving the catering company that provides our school meals which meant some pupils were served meat rather than the vegetarian option they had chosen. We have taken this matter very seriously and have formally complained to the catering provider and the Food Standards Agency.”

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