Panic buying begins at UK petrol stations!

Long queues have been pictured at petrol stations in parts of the UK amid fears the price of oil and gas could shoot up following the crisis in Ukraine.

Click here to watch the video of people panic buying:

People across the UK have reported long queues at petrol stations and some people have said their petrol station has already ran out of fuel due to panic buying.

Russia is the world’s second-biggest oil producer and the largest natural gas exporter, and mainly sells to other European countries.

Pump prices have already been rising as oil edged past $90 a barrel, but the Ukraine invasion has now seen it jump above $100.

Rising oil prices usually leads to higher prices for drivers at the pumps.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already warned that “one of the risks of Putin’s venture is that there could be a spike in… oil prices”.

However, there is no need for people in the UK to panic buy fuel as there is currently ‘no shortage.’

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