Parents will be breaking the law if they fail to send kids to school in September!

Despite continued fears over Coronavirus and the constant threat of a second wave Boris Johnson said parents who fail to send their children to school will be breaking the law.

Speaking to the Daily Mail the PM said: “We need to get the kids back into school. I want all pupils back in school by September,”

Mr Johnson said it would be “the law” for kids to be in class by September.

He also said teaching unions – who don’t want schools reopened yet due to safety fears – should “take their responsibilities seriously”.

“It’s the kids from the poorer families who aren’t going back, and so you are entrenching social injustice,” Mr Johnson said.

Parents’ pressure group Us For Them cautiously welcomed Mr Johnson’s calls for kids to get back in class.

“Our 10,000 supporters now urgently need more clarity from the Prime Minister,” co-founder Molly Kingsley said.

“We call for an explicit statement that there will be no social distancing in schools and we want a return to normalised full-time education for all year groups, and all schools.

“This is now the greatest emergency facing our country and our members will be watching the Government’s next moves closely.”

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