Passengers applaud staff for kicking women off flight for refusing to wear a face mask

An entire plane applauded and cheered as a ‘Karen’ who refused to wear a mask was removed from an American Airlines flight.

Passenger Jordan Slade took a video of the moment the woman, who was not wearing any face covering in defiance of flight guidelines, was kicked off the flight traveling from Ohio to North Carolina.

As the woman gathered her items and angrily walked off the plane as passengers clapped with joy.

When the applause broke out the woman angrily turned around and snapped back: ‘You can clap all you want.’

Two masked American Airlines employees were seen at the head of the plane waiting to escort the woman out as she indignantly gathered her three giant bags.   

‘Just leave. We have flights to get on,’ one passenger yelled back.

One passenger said ”she refused to wear a mask putting others on the flight at risk…

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