Passports are about to cost a whole lot more!! 

Bad news for holidaymakers – the cost of getting a new passport is set to rise as the government is introducing new fees.
Under the proposed changes, a standard online application made from within the UK will rise to £88.50 for adults and £57.50 for children.
Before the price hike, an online application cost £82.50 for adults and £53.50 for children.
Meanwhile, the cost of a postal application for a standard passport has risen by £7 for adults to £100. For children, a postal application will now cost £69, up from £64.
Costs are even higher if applying from overseas, where an online application will rise to £101.00 for adults and £65.50 for children.
If you want to do a postal application from abroad, it will cost £112.50 for adults and £77.00 for children.
The new fees will come into force on April 11.
The prices are the same for all applications, regardless of whether the applicant is getting their first passport or renewing an existing one.
But if you’re over 95, you’re in luck – anyone born before September 2, 1929, gets their passport for free.
The government said the new fees will help to cover the cost of processing applications.
They added that the fees will also contribute overseas support to people who have lost their passports or had them stolen, as well as the cost of processing British citizens at UK borders.
The government does not make a profit from passport applications.
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