PE teacher alleged to have had sex with former student at the Premier Inn after prom

A former student has alleged he had sexual intercourse with his PE teacher after he had drank a variety of alcoholic drinks at the prom.

The student, known only as Pupil A, provided evidence regarding a list of allegations made against the teacher Melissa Tweedie.

The teacher, who was 23 at the time, is claimed to have partied with pupils at SWG3 nightclub in Glasgow before returning with them to a hotel in June 2017.

She allegedly danced inappropriately with students before going to bed with the pupil, who was 18.

The pupil told how he had drank around three or four pints, a bottle of wine, some spirits, rum and shots at the prom.

He alleges Miss Tweedie spent the night in the hotel room before leaving around 8am the next day.

Speaking at the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) hearing today, Pupil A said: “We had no dealings prior to the prom.

“There were no relations before.

“Miss Tweedie was sat at our table.

“Miss Tweedie was not drinking at the table, I was.”

After the prom, students had reserved rooms in a Premier Inn that was walking distance from SWG3.

Pupil A said: “I did not invite Miss Tweedie to the hotel.

“I don’t know how she got there.

Pupil A said he entered a hotel room in the Premier Inn where he found nine pupils and Miss Tweedie.

After a noise complaint, Pupil A said: “Me and Miss Tweedie were the only two left in the room.

“We kissed, no one initiated it.

“We went downstairs and had sex in my room.

“She stayed the night and we both left at eight.

“I feel really sorry for Miss Tweedie, I had already handed in my leavers form.

“In my eyes it wasn’t a student event.

“This could have happened on a night out.”

During cross examination, Pupil A continued: “I had a lot, It was my prom.

“I might have had three or four pints, then a bottle of wine, then onto spirits, maybe a couple of rums and there were shots in between.”

Pupil added: “In my eyes this was an issue involving only two parties.

“This wasn’t an issue raised by any party.

“When do I get to raise my feelings about what happened?

“In my eyes it was not an issue I wanted to raise.

“It was an issue that people wanted to raise for me.

“I have never been asked how I feel about it.”

Miss Tweedie, who was not present at the hearing, is claimed to have had consumed shots before telling pupils: “Can we for a minute act like I’m not a teacher”.

The allegations from GTCS read: “Between 7 June 2017 and 8 June 2017, whilst employed by Renfrewshire Council as a PE Teacher at Gleniffer High School, at the senior prom and immediately thereafter, you danced inappropriately with pupils during the prom, including making inappropriate physical contact whilst dancing with them at SWG3, Glasgow.

“You kissed Pupil A at the hotel in which pupils were staying for the night, the Premier Inn Hotel and engaged in sexual intercourse with Pupil A after the prom, at the Premier Inn.”

Police in Scotland were called after the incident took place and investigated it at the time.

It was found that no criminal act had taken place.

The hearing continues.

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