Pentagon says Ukrainian plane that crashed in Iran was ‘shot down by missile’

US officials at the pentagon have said they are now “confident” the passenger plane that came down in Tehran was shot down by an Iranian missile, with President Donald Trump saying “somebody could have made a mistake”.

A US official said US satellites had detected the launch of two missiles shortly before the plane crashed, followed by evidence of an explosion, Reuters news agency reported.

Two other officials said Washington believed the downing of the Ukraine International Airlines plane, in which all 176 people – including three British nationals – were killed, was accidental.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday said “I have my suspicions” over the plane. “Somebody could have made a mistake,” he said.

Downing Street said it is looking into “very concerning” reports the Ukrainian plane that had just taken off from Tehran’s main airport on Wednesday had been shot down by a missile.

A Ukrainian official said the jet may have been shot down by an anti-aicraft missile.

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