People trapped in Frozen homes after a snowstorm turns them into Igloos

A blizzard has hit a small town in New York, turning homes into igloos.

Homes in Hamburg, New York were completely covered in ice over the weekend, leaving some homes owners trapped in completely frozen homes.

Shocking photos show homes and trees on Hoover Beach, covered in thick snow and ice. 

Some residents had to force their way out of the house as the ice covering their homes was between one to three inches thick. 

Ice started to accumulate over the early hours of Friday morning due to freezing temperatures, as waves from Lake Erie pounded the shoreline and strong winds blew the water onto the homes. 

On Friday Hamburg was hit with a blizzard that brought heavy snow and sloshing 10-foot waves from Lake Erie.

The weather phenomenon known as lake-snow effect where frigid air moves over the Great Lakes and creates heavy snowfall. 

Hoover Beach residents suffered property damage, destroyed power lines and saw trees collapse under the weight of the ice. 

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